Here at 11-D we are dedicated to offering the best solution to extending tire-life.
Our product range will enable your company to maximize results you getfrom your tires.
11-D will help you to prevent punctures, improve tire balance en decrease downtime!

Our factory is located in Rotterdam, where we have been producing our patented formula since 1994.Delivering quality has been the basis of our business strategy for 20 years and will remain our focus point in the years to come. Over the years we have continued to innovate and improve our product line, resulting in a poweful range developed to meet any requirement or condition.

Air Pressure

11-D  helps eliminate porosity leaks that cause tires to naturally deflate over time. Properly inflated tires run cooler, last longer, and help improve your vehicle’s fuel economy.

Cooler Tires

Tires that are properly inflated and balanced run cooler and last longer. Less flexing, bounce and fatigue means cooler tires and enhanced casing life – up to 25% or more!

Decrease Downtime

11-D makes any tire into a self-sealing tire. By eliminating 85-95% of flat tires due to punctures in the crown of a tire, we can keep your fleet running, reduce costly road service calls, and eliminate run-flats.

Our continued innovation

11-D is a tire sealant which prevents and repairs tire punctures up to 15 mm and more!

This water based product is non-flammable and non-toxic and a 100% bio degradable.
11-D is easily applied through the valve of any tire and easily removed with water when the tire is disassembled.
By using 11-D 95% of all common tire failures can be prevented.

The original 11-D formula is the most widespread 11-D product. Its contents include crushed marble, monopro- pylene glycol, rubber particles and various binding materials to provide a maximum result. 11-D Universal Sealant can be applied through the valve of the tire.

Application: Motor bikes, lawn mowers, tractors, trucks etc.


Quantities; 1L Flask, 25L Drum, 800L Tank, 1000L tank

Color: Grey

11-D Tire Sealant for Trucks has been developed to offer maximum protection against punctures endured at higher speeds. Tire failures in the field of logistics can be dangerous and costly, 11-D Truck Sealant will improve vehicle operability drastically.

Application: Trucks, Busses
Quantities: 1L Flask, 25L Drum, 800L Tank, 1000L Tank.

Color: Orange

An evolution of the 11-D Universal Sealant, 11-D HD Sealant is a physically different sealant designed to offer maximum protection for the larger vehicle. Application is done before the tire is mounted on the rim.

Application: Earth moving, mining, agriculture, forestry and construction.
Quantities; 25L Drum, 800L Tank, 1000L Tank

Color: Pink

Similar to 11-D HD Sealant, the 11-D Super-HD is a tire sealant devised for the largest tires. Physically different from all other sealants, the Super-HD offers the maximum protection for very large slow moving vehicles.

Application: Cranes, mining, heavy forestry, heavy transport, heavy construction.
Quantities; 25L Drum, 800L Tank, 1000L Tank

Color: Purple

The only military sealant available on the market. Tested in action in Africa, Ukraine, Afghanistan under the most hazardous circumstances. 11-D Protector is available under NATO standard ordering procedures.

Application: Military.
Quantities; 25L Drum, 800L Tank, 1000L Tank

Color: Green